A Little Piece of Home

When I was a little girl, the smells from my mother’s kitchen would always draw me to her side, where I’d watch with wonder as she made magic every evening. She raised me to be curious, so with each dash of spice or dollop of cream, I’d ask her to tell me her secrets. She’d just smile and gently explain that there was no hidden ingredient. The only constants in her cooking were her love for those eating it and a constant desire to improve on the last version. 

Today, I’ve taken what I learned at my mother’s hip and poured it into my cookies. A lot of love, a little magic, and an obsessive desire to make something perfect. I take as much joy in baking them as I hope you will in eating them, because no matter where life takes us, we all deserve to remember what home feels like when we bite into a little morsel of happiness.